Expert Utility Submetering Services

AmCoBi offers expert submeter system design, installation, and repair services to multifamily housing, condominiums, student housing, and affordable housing.

Owner Benefits of Utility Submetering & Billing

Submetering a multi-tenant residential complex offers the following benefits to owners and property managers:

  • Reduces utility costs
  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases property values and cap rates
  • Insulates the owner from rapidly rising energy prices.

Resident Benefits of Utility Submetering & Billing

Submetering is also beneficial to tenants because:

  • They only pay for the utilities they use
  • They are rewarded financially when they conserve
  • Utility expenses tend to be lower in submetered properties.

In contrast to a RUBS billing where the entire utility bill is divided based on the size of the apartment unit, occupancy, or some other factor, submetered properties charge for utilities based on the amount of water, electricity, and/or gas the resident actually uses.

New to Submetering?

If you own or manage a multi-residental property that is master-metered for water, electricity, or heating fuel--natural gas, oil, steam--you are a candidate for direct submetering or heat metering.  To learn more about utility submetering, when it makes financial sense, or how a system is implemented, review the following:

Submetering Promotes Conservation & Lowers Costs

When a master-metered property is transitioned to an individually-metered property and tenants are billed for their own consumption, it's common to see a 15-35% decrease in water, electricity or gas consumption.  These are substantial savings created when residents have direct feedback about their utility usage and benefit financially from conserving.

Submetering systems have a fast payback period that averages 12-18 months.

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