The Submetering Process

Submetering a multifamily residential property is a very straightforward process.  The following is a summary of the steps involved:

  1. AmCoBi conducts an onsite review of the property's utility configuration to determine the most effective submetering system to install.
  2. An installation plan is developed and sent to the property ownership/management for approval.
  3. Upon approval, AmCoBi orders the submetering equipment. Depending on the type of submeters to be installed, licensed plumbers or electricians may be used.
  4. The submeters are installed in each residential unit.
  5. The wireless network--central data collector, receiver, repeaters--is installed.
  6. The data collector records data sent from wireless transmitters connected to each meter.  It is connected to a standard phone line or the Internet, and is often installed in a leasing or management office.
  7. AmCoBi connects to the complex's data collector from its datacenter and downloads resident consumption data.
  8. This data and information from the master-meter utility bills are used to calculate each resident's bill.
  9. Each month, individual bills are delivered to residents for payment.



Billing Residents for Utilities

After the metering equipment has been installed and is fully operational, AmCoBi will work with the client to:

  • Establish a billing schedule and setup resident billing accounts
  • Incorporate the master-meter utility charges
  • Calculate, print, and deliver the first utility bills.

Next Steps

If you have questions about the submetering process or our services, give us a call today. We offer the following:

Free Utility Case Study

One of the most effective ways to determine the amount of money a submetering project can generate is for AmCoBi to perform an analysis of your existing utility expenses.  This is a FREE service that involves sending us a copy of the most recent 12 months' utility bills.

From this information, we can determine:

  • Average resident utility bill
  • Estimated reduction in energy consumption (conservation effect)
  • Estimated amount of money you can recover
  • Approximate payback period - the amount of time it takes for the savings from your utility cost recovery program to cover your submetering investment.

Free Utility Review / Site Survey

To schedule a FREE on-site utility review at your property, contact us.  From the site survey, AmCoBi will develop a proposal to install a submetering system.