Utility Submetering Service & Repair

AmCoBi's technicians perform ongoing service and maintenance for a variety of commercial submetering systems. Our technicians have years of knowledge and experience installing and servicing wireless AMR systems and water, electric, gas, and heat meters. Above all, our technicians understand the value of customer service and work to ensure that your metering equipment is functioning properly and reporting data accurately.

TH_M_EMeterAmCoBi is routinely called on by other utility billing providers to perform repair services for their submetering equipment.  In several cases, we've identified submeters that were:

  • Linked to the wrong residential units
  • Installed incorrectly
  • Outside the coverage of the wireless reading system.

If you have a submetering system that requires repair or maintenance, give us a call.  We'll perform a system review and determine what work is needed to get your metering system fully operational.