Multifamily Utility Billing Service for Property Managers

Like Saving Money and Getting Great Service? Why haven't you switched?

Imagine working with a utility billing services provider who:

  • Delivers accurate, on-time bills
  • Consistently provides stellar customer service to your residents and staff members
  • Offers the most affordable rates in the industry.

AmCoBi is transforming the utility billing services industry saving property managers time, money, and eliminating frustration.  We back our commitments with performance guarantees and take full responsibility for the utility billing excuses!

What's so Different about AmCoBi?

AmCoBi differentiates its business by delivering exemplary client service and exceptionally low billing rates. AmCoBi has:

  • Extensive experience in the utility billing and submetering industries
  • Engineering expertise not available in other companies
  • State-of-the-art software systems that automate billing processes.

Our experience, know-how and commitment to consistent execution enable us to manage your utility billing program efficiently and cost effectively.

Web-Enabled Billing System

AmCoBi's Web-enabled billing system allows property managers and owners to perform a variety of tasks online such as:

  • Updating move-in / move-out information
  • Approving "pre-bill" reports
  • Viewing historical billing information
  • Printing final move-out bills
  • Viewing / printing management reports
  • Initiating online bill presentment and payment.

Multifamily Utilities Billing Service

Data Integration Specialists

Utility billing generates substantial amounts of data that must be transferred to your property management or accounting system on a regular basis. Many companies perform these data transfers by manually inputting information into multiple systems. AmCoBi's engineering team, however, develops custom software to automate the exchange of data saving staff members time and improving the accuracy of the information entered.  We integrate with all major property management solutions including Yardi, OneSite, AMSI, Rent Manager, and more.

Full Service Utility Submetering Provider

In addition to providing comprehensive RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) and submetered billing services, AmCoBi designs, installs, and services water, electric, and gas submetering systems.

Free Leak Detection

UtilityHawk is a statistical data analysis application that is an integral part of the AmCoBi utility billing service.  UtilityHawk analyzes consumption data at submetered complexes on a near real-time basis.  When water leaks or other suspected maintenance issues are detected, AmCoBi immediately notifies property management or maintenance staff members so that they can make repairs quickly and prevent costly losses.

A Focus on Client Profitability

AmCoBi is focused on helping multifamily property management firms improve the profitability of their business operations. Our services allow your staff to spend less time on utility billing and more time on other high value tasks.  In addition, our affordable rates save you and your residents money.

Experience the Industry's Best Service

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