Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS)

A fast way to boost net operating income

A ratio utility billing system or RUBS billing is a method of calculating a resident's utility bill based on occupancy, apartment square footage, number of beds, or some combination of factors.

Using RUBS to bill residents for water, gas and/or electricity expenses has several advantages including:

  • Requires no capital investment to get started
  • Enables owners to recoup a large portion of the overall utility expense
  • Can be implemented quickly
  • Immediately improves cash flow.

Ratio Utility Billing vs. Submetering

Many existing apartments have a utility configuration that does not support the installation of submetering equipment. For example, hi-rise apartment complexes and older condominium units can have multiple pipes supplying water to a single unit.  It's cost prohibitive to install several water meters to measure total water usage for each residence.  In these cases, RUBS presents an excellent alternative for the owner or association to recover appropriate utility costs and increase cash flow at the property.

Learn how to Calculate a RUBS Water Bill

If you'd like to learn how a RUBS water bill is calculated, read this article on our blog. It includes two videos that show you how the calculations are made and what you need to do to implement a RUBS billing method at your multifamily complex. It also includes a free spreadsheet you can use to calculate a RUBS water/sewer bill for up to ten units.

Is RUBS Right For You?

Contact us to discuss RUBS billings opportunities at your multifamily complex.