UtilityHawk Technology

Providing A Better Understanding of Your Utility Data

AmCoBi's software engineering team has developed a breakthrough application called UtilityHawk. UtilityHawk is used to analyze water, electric, or gas consumption data from submetered multifamily residential complexes, condominiums, or commercial offices to find:


  • Water leaks and losses
  • Malfunctioning heating systems
  • Broken metering equipment
  • Problematic consumption readings
  • How properties compare from a utility consumption standpoint
  • Insights about tenant usage patterns.

There is a wealth of actionable information that can be mined from utility consumption data if you know how and where to look. UtilityHawk provides direction to help owners, managers, and residents prevent unnecessary loss, preserve precious resources, and save money.

Leak Monitoring & Notification

If you operate a multifamily property that is metered for water and uses a wireless submetering system, UtilityHawk can provide real-time leak monitoring and notification.  By analyzing usage data on a per unit basis, UtilityHawk will flag spikes in consumption and other abnormal readings.  AmCoBi then notifies onsite maintenance staff, property managers, or residents via telephone, e-mail, or text, alerting them to the issue.

UtilityHawk routinely catches leaking toilets, broken pipes, and even unaccounted for occupants.  To learn more, contact us today!

UtilityHawk Technical Information

To learn more about the technical details of UtilityHawk, click here.