Frustrated with your Utility Billing Services Provider?

Why haven't you switched?

Imagine working with a third party utility billing services provider who:

  • Consistently delivers accurate, on-time bills
  • Delights in providing outstanding customer service to your residents and staff members
  • Offers the most affordable rates in the industry.

AmCoBi is improving the multifamily utility billing services industry saving property managers time, money, and eliminating frustration. We back our commitments with performance guarantees and take full responsibility for the utility billing excuses!

What's so Different about AmCoBi?

In a word, service. Consistent, exemplary customer service and exceptionally low billing rates are what we deliver each day to our clients. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time your staff members spend managing utility billing, provide the information and answers your residents need when they have questions, and free your team up to focus on leasing and other important tasks

Don't take our word for it. See what we've accomplished for our growing list of clients:

  1. Case Study - Student Housing Solutions (SHS). SHS is a property management company with a portfolio of 4,000 beds in Tallahassee, FL. We've been serving their company for years.
  2. Case Study - Multifamily Owner/Developer. This company manages 1700 units in cities in Oklahoma and Texas. AmCoBi helped them repair their submetering systems and eliminate errors in their utility billing program.

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AmCoBi has been a huge time saver for us. They have bent over backwards to help our company simplify our utility billing program. It's really automated now and the less we have to do in this area, the better.

-- F. Brinkerhoff

Evaluating a Third Party Utility Billing Provider

If you are looking for a utility billing service provider, there are a variety of common industry problems you'll want to be aware of, to ensure you make a selection that is best for your company. This article, "How to Select an Effective Multifamily Utility Billing Services Provider" includes a variety of questions you should ask any provider you are considering working with.

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Our company's management team is elated with the manner AmCoBi has assumed full responsibility for our entire utility billing program. Resident and management calls and e‐mails to the AmCoBi Client Care department are handled immediately. Our workload has been measurably reduced and the utility billing operation runs seamlessly now.

-- L. Harper

Our Billing System Makes Your Life Easier

AmCoBi's Web-enabled billing system makes it easy for owners or property managers to perform a variety of tasks, quickly and efficiently, online. Authorized users can:

  • Update move-in / move-out information
  • Approve "pre-bill" reports
  • View historical billing information
  • Print final move-out bills
  • View / print real-time management and financial reports
  • Enter electronic payments and more.

Integrating Billing Data and Property Management Systems

Utility billing generates substantial amounts of data that you'll want to access in your property management or accounting system. Many companies perform these data transfers by manually inputting information into multiple systems. AmCoBi's engineering team, however, develops custom software to automate the exchange of data saving staff members time and improving the accuracy of the information entered. We work with with all major property management solutions including Yardi, OneSite, AMSI, Rent Manager, and more.

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Submetered properties in Texas are legally allowed to pass through a 9% fee to residents in the form of a customer service charge. Our previous billing company had not charged these fees to tenants and instead had invoiced us. AmCoBi not only reduced our direct costs but increased the amount of money our company was collecting from its utility billing program.

-- S. Lipe

Full Service Utility Submetering Provider

In addition to providing comprehensive RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) and submetered billing services, AmCoBi designs, installs, and services water, electric, and gas submetering systems submetering systems.

Detect Leaks in Your Apartment Complex

UtilityHawk analyzes usage data at submetered complexes on a daily basis looking for water leaks or other potential maintenance issues. AmCoBi immediately notifies property management or maintenance staff members so that they can make repairs quickly and prevent costly losses. This service is free when you use our utility billing services.

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AmCoBi provided timely problem resolution to our residents, simplified past due account management, and reduced our billing service fees by 15‐20%. We certainly appreciate the job AmCoBi has done for us and would highly recommend them!.

-- G. Dennis

Experience the Industry's Best

Our experience, know-how, and commitment to providing outstanding customer service make us the right choice for your multifamily utility billing needs. Contact us today to get started. We're here to help!