Transitioning Utility Expenses to Increase NOI

One of the fastest, least expensive ways to increase cash flow, improve the value of your multifamily property, and reduce utility expenses is to implement a utility billing program. By separating utilities from the rental fees, you are more likely to recoup these expenses and encourage residents to conserve.

AmCoBi's utility billing services not only boost profitability and increase property cap rates, they expand payment and billing options for your residents.

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I have 25 years of experience in commercial real estate with an emphasis on multifamily residential apartment complexes. AmCoBi provides a brilliant way for apartment owners to maximize their control of utility costs (and reimbursements) with the added benefit of creating value on the sale of a property.
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    -- R. O'Sullivan, Principal, 1,300 Units  

AmCoBi works with multifamily owners who:

  • Want to launch a utility billing program for the first time
  • Administer a billing program (in-house) and want to outsource the process
  • Are dissatisfied with their current billing provider want to a better option. My Property a Candidate for Utility Billing?

If your property is master-metered for water, gas, and/or electricity, or you pay the utility bill, you are an excellent candidate for utility billing.


Getting Started

To get started, we recommend the following:


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Already Billing Tenants?

If you currently manage your own billing program, you understand the time, effort, and labor involved in:

  • Calculating and sending bills
  • Processing and accounting for resident payments
  • Servicing tenants when they call
  • Integrating billing and payment data with your property management system
  • Accounting for all related financial transactions.

AmCoBi offers a turnkey billing service where we manage the entire process on your behalf. In many cases, the cost of the service is FREE to the owner. Using our service will allow your staff to spend more time attracting new renters and servicing existing customers.